Saturday, 8 September 2012

A Bit About Me

Hi there, well as promised a little bit about me! Lets see what would you want to know? 

Well I am 27, I have a crazy kitty Pepper who must be ...OMG 4yrs old now woweee time has flown by. 

I am more then just a crafter, a hairdresser, a computer nerd and a amazing cook lol (or so I'm told and sitting here watching the neighbours sat in my living room licking the plate the Home Made Chocolate Loaf Cake was served on!).

 I have been crafting for many years...let's see  ummm about 8Yrs... Cross Stitching, Knitting, Card Making, Scrapbooking and more recently Jewellery Making, Gardening (well Allottmenting kinda I turned my back garden in to a allotment) and Baking.. 

Oh I live in Derbyshire after moving over from Bassettlaw and before that South Yorkshire. 

I love crafting outside and after turning my back garden in to an allotment. When its sunny I sometimes sit in the green house with my radio cutting out decoupage, planning layouts and there is just nothing more relaxing then sitting in te sun crafting. Also the garden turned allotment gives me so many ideas for cards it is amazing so the next time you get brain freeze go and sit out side in the sun and watch the inspiration fill your veins!

What else is there you need to know? oooo I am a picture taking maniac! I must take 100's of photos at a time. you know when you go to take a picture of your child on thier first day of school? well I could not just take one photo I would take 20 or 30 photos. I have more photos in the house, on the computer, online storage & lots of little sd cards with lots of pictures on them. 

Ahhh yes Glitter!!!! I absolutely LOVE glitter!!!!! its amazing.. girly.. sparkly.. it gives a touch of glamour to any project and can be used to add super fine detail to your projects. I also love how you can make elements of your cards/scrap pages come to life with a bit of glitter detailing. On a card I did recently from the Flora Chic Card Collection from Hunkydory I use glitter applied with a quickie glue pen (as these let you get the fine lines) to the feathers of the Lady's Fan and Head Piece & this gave the effect of  real feathers and when you looked at it, the glitter really brings the feathers come to life.

Well lets have one more interesting fact about what could that be.... ha ha (I have a neighbour sat at the side of me saying im a crazy organiser and I think she based that on the 3 days it took me to re organise, label, and make a note of all the xmas themed embellishments, papers, card stock, card blanks, dies and embossing plates. I like to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

Well I will end it here...I hope I did not bore anyone to sleep reading this and that you all enjoy to read my blogs in the future, take a few minutes to look through my gallary and if you ever want me to further explain how i did any of the techniques in the gallery just ask and I will both create a print out guide sheet or upload a tutorial video. 

I will update the blog with a new page all about my plans for the business..the services I hope to offer..what you can expect from my blog, me & my crafty company! but until then 


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