Monday, 22 October 2012

Box Crazy!

Box Crazy!

Well this week I have gone box crazy trying out all different designs & types like a Note Box, Chocolate Box, Pillow Box, Exploding Box but there are so many more box's to be made and even more designs out there.

I use my Ultimate Pro from Crafters Companion with the Box Board and Evelopbox Board and the brand new Handbags & Box's Boards to create my box's trying out new idea's like giving the lid a fancy edge or making a box out of 2 sheets of A5 card in white and take one of the sheets and one of your favourite stamps and create your own patterned card & a very UNIQUE Box!

I will post some pictures later on in the week of some of my creations (when I find the charger to my camera lol) but what would be even better is if you showed me some of your pictures :) Show me your Box's & Creations! There is nothing better then sharing your wonderful work with other crafty people. 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Crafting Goodies!

Yes they have arrived! Look at what I treated myself to this week. Where to start....

Nope your not seeing things these are the 72 Core Set of Spectrum Noir Pens Set. I am just LOVING these Pens. There are no lines or patches when dry and blend just right even if you are not very good at colouring you will still achieve a professional result with these pens! Also they work perfectly in conjunction with my other new Crafty Goodies.......

Tina Wenke Stamps... They are so beautiful and leave a crisp clear image they stamps are nice and clingy and are quite thick with deep impressions and with lots of large spaces there perfect for colouring with my NEW SPECTRUM NOIRS! 

Here is a Picture of a Side Step Card with the Parasol Bear Stamped and Coloured.

So get ready to see more cards with these lovely stamps :)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Give Aways!

Everyone loves a GIVEAWAY don't they! Including me :0 hehe Well I come across a good GIVEAWAY on facebook today and here is the link SugarPea-Designs All you need to do is like the page and take a look at the goodies but more then that have a good read too. Sweet Pea has some lovely cards and full of inspiration.

Well time to go take pics of what I have been upto and will be back later :)

All New Look Blog

All New Look Blog

Well I have spent many hrs bringing the Blog up to date! All New Photos of my Cards & Projects (now with a Materials Used Section for each Card)

New Album Pages & Contact Me Page! The Blog also has a Brand New Look a makeover if you will. 

There will also be adding a Challenge Of The Month Section were I will set you a Card or Project Challenge and the Winner will receive some Craft Prizes! & a library of Online Tutorials for the different techniques you see used on some of my Cards & Projects.

So remember to subscribe to my Blog, FaceBook & Tweeter for more Updates!

PS: Tomorrow I promise to Upload some photos of my new Crafting Goodies that arrived this week and what I have been upto with them :)

Sniffle Sniffle :(

Well its been 4 days of hell :( not only do I have a sore throat  chesty cough and a blocked nose but I have tooth and ear ache too! too make it worse its a WISDOM TOOTH.

       Anyway I have been at home keeping wrapped up warm and well dosed on cough medicine, soothers & ibuprofen, I HATE being ill and I admit I am a big baby when it comes to being ill. 

And yes! you guessed it I'm still crafting. I am still working with the Kanban One Christmas Night Collection. I keep telling myself you can not move on to your BOFFLE Paper crafting kit until you have finished the Kanban. You see I have a tendency to jump from one kit or collection to another... make a few cards then... a new kit comes through the door and I wrapped up in it and forget about the kit I was already working with. Then one day there is  pile of half used kits/collections to be used up. So I am now making sure I use everything I have got from each collection before moving on. Also Money is not as flowing as it once was so I now find my heart saying 'I must buy this new collection' and my brain saying ' It's not in our budget move on...' I become temporarily disappointed but then I'm over it telling myself that once things have settled down I will treat myself!

 I am also having what I call experimenting days (when Im not suffering the woes of a cold that is ) where I try out new techniques and products. I love  stamping, inking, masking... I recently used a flower template I picked up from the Great British Crafting Festival and I taped it down over a white card blank and versa marked through it then dusted the whole thing with mica powder it was beautiful and one of the biggest things I learnt when trying this was always use a ANTI STATIC BAG! It works a unsightly mica powder bits or finger prints & smudges to be seen just a lovely clean background. Also remember some Mica Powders require you to use a Mini Mister filled with plain old tap water to set them or hairspray does the trick too but water is the cheaper option in the long run :) I am going to  be experimenting with guilding flakes next I think I really do like the look of them.  

At the ending of the day I love using kits and making mixed media cards but what I think is best is when you take both your Card/Paper crafting kit or collection and your mixed media (inks, powders, pens, glitter, ect) and combine them don't just put your cards together the way they are laid out in the kit stretch it out mix it up even mix some kits up! you will have twice the fun and make twice more impressive cards as well:) Hope you are all having a great day & happy crafting Em xoxo

Thursday, 11 October 2012

New Folsky Shop !!!!!

Hurray the time has come for me to announce my new Online Shop at and you can find my shop here: Emma Louise Crafty Designs !

I have not as yet finished adding all the Cards, Embellishments & Gift Box's but hope to have them all added by the beginning of next week ! 

I am soo EXCITED :)

You can also now find me on the Crafts Forum here: Emma Louise Crafty Design and on Facebook Here: Emma Louise Crafty Designs .

I have a busy weekend ahead so I hope you all have lots of crafty fun and I will see you again on Monday.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Busy Times SO much News!

Hello all and I'm sorry bad me I have not posted for a week or two but I have been so busy from rescuing a cat returning it home and landing myself another new cat, to crafty shopping & LOTS OF IT! to starting back at college last week. But for today we will start with ......

MOJO / MOG MOG ! The new beautiful puddy I now have the privilege of taking care of her.  She is a 5 year old grey puddy with white markings on her chest and face and wow........she is so well behaved I mean she actually use's a scratch post ...'What's that' your saying 'she uses a scratch post!' Yep that's right she is the only one of the 5 cats I have had that uses a scratch post or does not beg for food or meows through the night, she has no desire to go outside so no chance of losing her or her getting hurt & she just loves cuddles and chin rubs. I am loving having a bit of cuddly company around.  I have been looking after Mog Mog since 26/09/12 and she is just starting to get used to house and since I starting shutting the bedroom off during the day she has come downstairs more and lays on the sofa or the floor in front of the tv.  You see when she first came last week she hid upstairs on the landing or under the bed in my bedroom all day and night and sneaked downstairs for food and litter tray when she thought no one was looking....but I was :)