Monday, 22 October 2012

Box Crazy!

Box Crazy!

Well this week I have gone box crazy trying out all different designs & types like a Note Box, Chocolate Box, Pillow Box, Exploding Box but there are so many more box's to be made and even more designs out there.

I use my Ultimate Pro from Crafters Companion with the Box Board and Evelopbox Board and the brand new Handbags & Box's Boards to create my box's trying out new idea's like giving the lid a fancy edge or making a box out of 2 sheets of A5 card in white and take one of the sheets and one of your favourite stamps and create your own patterned card & a very UNIQUE Box!

I will post some pictures later on in the week of some of my creations (when I find the charger to my camera lol) but what would be even better is if you showed me some of your pictures :) Show me your Box's & Creations! There is nothing better then sharing your wonderful work with other crafty people. 

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