Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Busy Times SO much News!

Hello all and I'm sorry bad me I have not posted for a week or two but I have been so busy from rescuing a cat returning it home and landing myself another new cat, to crafty shopping & LOTS OF IT! to starting back at college last week. But for today we will start with ......

MOJO / MOG MOG ! The new beautiful puddy I now have the privilege of taking care of her.  She is a 5 year old grey puddy with white markings on her chest and face and wow........she is so well behaved I mean she actually use's a scratch post ...'What's that' your saying 'she uses a scratch post!' Yep that's right she is the only one of the 5 cats I have had that uses a scratch post or does not beg for food or meows through the night, she has no desire to go outside so no chance of losing her or her getting hurt & she just loves cuddles and chin rubs. I am loving having a bit of cuddly company around.  I have been looking after Mog Mog since 26/09/12 and she is just starting to get used to house and since I starting shutting the bedroom off during the day she has come downstairs more and lays on the sofa or the floor in front of the tv.  You see when she first came last week she hid upstairs on the landing or under the bed in my bedroom all day and night and sneaked downstairs for food and litter tray when she thought no one was looking....but I was :)

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